Thursday, April 14, 2011

Barry Bonds: MLB's scapegoat

I feel almost feel sorry for Barry Bonds (I cant feel sorry for people who live their dreams, ya know?)....the jury felt like they HAD to find bonds guilty of something. Hence the obstruction of justice count (in which giving evading answers is not an obstruction, after all congress was investigating BALCO, not him in2003, and they did convict BALCO)...the jury thinks they reinforced morality and proved that "cheaters never win", instead they only proved the vindictive nature of the system...millions of dollars to prosecute victimless crimes, by ppl who play a game for a living... shame on you America.... if I were bonds, after the "sentencing" is handed and then get to speak as is customary, I would give a bitter cynical oration on the nature of our corrupt stupid legal, civil system...ROMAN STYLE...but that’s just me.

MLB exploits its workers (which is fine as long as the worker gets to exploit themselves as well) but I dont see management, the owners and its league offices offering compensation or answering to congress when they KNEW steroid had become rampant in the 90’s..but oh yeah, they were too busy selling their product for billions to the networks because of the awesome feats of the players, who all are now to blame.  

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