Friday, June 17, 2011

Boldly changing the political landscape...with no objective in mind

Curious to what U.S government's long term strategic goal is in/for Libya? Surely Obama is not wanting a regime change, because if so, this is a piss terrible way to go about it! Is this just a war of attrition? How long will the UN/US support the "rebels"? When will the rebels truly form a confederation or at least organize themselves into a ore coherent group? So far the as of June 16th 2011 the government has spent over $700 million on this excursion into Libya.

I predict whatever the outcome, that Libya will fall into the "failed state" category. It will mirror Algeria, its neighbor very similarly. There will be pockets of lawlessness across the nation, it will become a hot bed of fundamentalism; smelling blood in the water, jihading Muslims will seek to establish a theocracy in Libya; getting one step closer to dominating the political landscape of MENA. Obama may be a good basketball player but he sucks at risk...

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