Friday, May 27, 2011

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Ten Android features IOS doesn’t have”

Lifehacker recently posted a list of features that are available on the Android platform only.
I agree with most of them and here is why:
  1. Alternate Keyboard – Not really cool, I found the IOS keyboard pretty good and easy to use. I would say they both are good.
  2. Automation – Totally cool. Switching on and off the Wifi or the GPS on the IPhone is annoying. I wish I could set it up to know which Wifi I want my IPhone to join like they do on Android.
  3. Custom home launchers – Not that cool. Being able to change my dock icons on my IPhone does it for me.
  4. Widgets – YES, IOS needs widgets! And a better notification system. How come I need to launch apps to see the weather forecast or twitter @ messages? Also when you have a lot of apps launched on IOS it’s annoying to scroll left to go back to the Ipod controls. There should be a widget for that too.
  5. Removable Storage and Battery – We don’t need that. 32 Go is enough and removing an SD card from a phone to get its data is too old school. Makes me think about the fact that IOS needs Wifi updates and  Wifi sync (music and photo).
  6. Wireless app installation – YES, that is indeed an awesome feature. Most of the time I found out about cool apps while surfing the web on my mac and I wish the installation of the app was just on click away.
  7. Custom ROMs – Kind of nerdy and time consuming but it’s worth it. However I think that custom ROMs would go against the user friendliness that made Apple famous so I don’t expect it in future IOS releases.
  8. Controlling your phone from your computer – HUGE WIN for Android here. I had my friend Christopher try LazyDroid on his HTC and it’s pretty amazing. Sending your SMS directly from a chrome tab, sounds like heaven no?
  9. Flash – Don’t make me start on this one.
  10. True app integration – That’s also an advantage for Android phones, especially if you are into VOIP apps.

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